“…without content to attract your audience, keep them and get them to buy something, your pretty website does not meet the needs of your business”  – Ahava Liebtag, author of The Digital Crown

Gingerbolt can work with your company to generate high quality content for:

  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Social media
  • Web pages
  • Blogs
  • Email marketing

TIP: Combining activities can increase effectiveness dramatically, for example:

  • An email campaign can deliver a “teaser” summary and attract visitors to read the full text on your website
  • Relevant social media channels can be used to increase awareness of your articles around the web.
content is king

Content – the heart of your marketing strategy.

Effective marketing means lots of good content for web pages, emailers, news items, articles and social media.

  • Engage potential clients with interesting and valuable content
  • Demonstrate credibility 
  • Improve the chances of converting a visitor to an enquiry

High quality content helps build a relationship with your potential customers and attract more visitors to your website.  In contrast, if you have nothing credible to say, then marketing activities will be fruitless.  In fact, vacuous or uninteresting content could generate negative brand value by disengaging your potential clients.

What makes good content?

Good content should be:

  • credible
  • objective
  • engaging

Content that does not flow well, or lacks credibility for the target audience will disengage a reader very quickly and the potential for a sales enquiry (or any other goal) is probably lost.

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