The semiconductor press has traditionally been dominated by the big industry themes of the day, or, at the other extreme, reams of new product bulletins. However, modern marketing techniques now enable firms to build credibility and forge a relationship with customers by sharing detailed and personalised technical information. However, distributing the content is the easier challenge. Creating a conveyor belt of content worth reading is another story. 

The opportunity: engaging customers

Right now, the big themes in electronics are the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, 5G and driverless vehicles. However you don’t need to be involved in these technologies to get your customers’ attention. The digital era has brought new opportunities to communicate intimately with potential customers. The traditional datasheet and brochure have been augmented with easily shared content such as downloadable white papers and application notes, CEO blogs, technical resources, inter-linked articles and tutorials. High quality schematics and imagery make content more palatable.  Email marketing and even a basic customer database allow delivery of personalised content right to the inbox of prospective customer.

The challenge: to generate the content

The difficult part is generating a conveyor belt of high quality content on technical topics. Like it or not, the bar has been set high by other industries and this inevitably has an impact. Customers now expect informative and engaging content. “This is the kind of thing we do – give us a call” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Extracting the gold dust from your organisation and generating content that will really engage your customers requires a supportive culture and the consistent application of skill.

Effective content should be:

  • Engaging – A target audience is unlikely to be engaged by vacuous, brochure-style hyperbole, nor content which is too heavily technical or patronising.
  • Relevant – Delivering content which is uninteresting for a prospective customer is counter-productive. This is particular risk for email marketing as being deemed uninteresting may lead to your emails never being opened again.
  • Consistent – A single article or application note is unlikely to be as effective as a supply of content over a sustained period of time.

Unearthing the gems

Ask the engineering team about their new product and they could probably talk for half an hour about key choices and challenges in the development process, the technology, the substrate, the packaging, and that is before we get to the feature set and what that means for the customer. There is a lot more story to a product than a datasheet. Engineer to engineer “show and tell” style discussion can be captivating.

Communication challenge or opportunity ?

The technical richness of semiconductors should mean fertile ground for an engaging story, not represent a communication challenge.  But extracting the gold dust from the organisation and turning it into great content requires in-house or external creative talent which understands the material. Better outcomes and lower overall transaction costs means it is often more productive to use an industry-specific marketing agency.

And that’s where Gingerbolt comes in…

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